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Preventative & Wellness Health Plans

Animal Wellness Center is proud to announce that we are now offering a variety of preventative and wellness health plans. The plans are individually tailored to meet your dog or cat's health care needs as they grow from a puppy or kitten into a thriving senior pet. Each of these plans are designed to allow the pet parent to plan for their loved one's medical needs while making a low monthly payment that is budget friendly. Click on each plan below to learn more and see the details of what is offered.

Plans for Dogs

Puppy Basic Plan

Puppy Comprehensive Plan with Neuter

Puppy Comprehensive Plan with Spay

Adult Dog Basic Plan

Adult Dog Comprehensive Plan with Dental Cleaning

Adult Dog Comprehensive Plan with Neuter or Spay

Senior Dog Basic Plan

Senior Dog Comprehensive Plan

Plans for Cats

Kitten Basic Plan

Kitten Comprehensive Plan with Neuter

Kitten Comprehensive Plan with Spay

Adult Cat Basic Plan

Adult Cat Comprehensive Plan

Senior Cat Basic Plan

Senior Cat Comprehensive Plan