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 May 2016: Technology is improving the lives of our pets

Technology is amazing!  When I first started to practice nearly 20 years ago, technology was in its infancy and a paralyzed dog using a cart to get around was revolutionary.  Today, technology is changing so rapidly that we are able to help our patients and diagnose problems in ways never imagined before. Here's just a few examples:


Using our Iphones and a device attached to the phone, with just a simple touch on the chest, veterinarians are able to measure heart rates and see irregular heart rhythms.  With a different device attached to our phones, we now can see more of the retina than other methods have allowed us to see, making it easier for us to diagnose retinal detachment, retinal degeneration and macular degeneration.

For those of you have ever had an upper or lower GI scoping, you'll be amazed at the new camera that is so incredibly small that it can be swallowed. This tiny device is loaded with 4 separate cameras that can take pictures of your dog's entire GI tract! What makes it even better, is that we no longer will have to sedate your pet in order to get these images.

For all you movie buffs out there! Remember Dolphin Tale, a 2011 movie staring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr, about a dolphin here in Florida that needed a prosthetic tail in order to swim and survive. Well prosthetics are no longer a far fetched Hollywood tale (sorry for the pun)!  Veterinarians are now able to make wearable prosthetics for our dogs who have had limbs amputated due to injury, disease or malformity. These dogs that were once relegated to watching life on the sidelines are now active playful dogs. Maybe you'll see a dog with a prosthetic next time you go to the dog park!

The fitness trend, with lots of people wearing FitBits or other devices to count steps, calories consumed, or hours slept, has come to our dogs too. There is now a wearable collar for Dogs that will track his or her resting heart rate, respiratory rate, activity and calories burned, distance travelled and the quality of their sleep too.

Each day, I hear from clients and even my own staff  "I didn't know that was possible". My reply: " Yeah we can do that!"  I'm amazed at how far technology has taken our profession and our ability to help our patients. Who knows where we'll be in 10 years......