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Animal Wellness Center

137 S. State Road 7
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33414


Hurricane satellite image

Hurricane Season is June 1st thru November 31st


In the event that a hurricane reaches South Florida, the Animal Wellness Center strongly encourages you to make sure to have the following items on hand:

A current photo of your pet in case he / she gets lost

Your pet's microchip number to help identify him / her

Enough food & fresh water to last several days

A can opener 

Bedding & toys

Prescription medication & precription food

A copy of your pet's vaccination history

A leash & muzzle

A carrier or kennel big enough to hold your pet comfortably

Red Cross shelters cannot accept pets. Please check with local hotels & motels along your evacuation route regarding their policy regarding pets.

For our valued clients, you can access your pet's records on PetSites.

For Hurricane Tracking information, click HERE